Our Valued Customers and Partners,

RunCore International is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-end, high reliability and data security solid state storage worldwide. The company is supporting solid state drives to medical fields, industrial application, military and defense, and even project customization based on customer’s specific requirements. The company’s top focus is to provide the best technology and high quality to all of our clients.

Over the years since the establishment of RunCore, it is always our great challenge –the rapid growth of technology in the memory storage industry. The fast pacing growth of bigger memory capacity, performance, and time to market are always the key factors that the company are coping up to deliver to our clients while maintaining its quality on the higher note and price satisfaction. This also creates another challenge to us to maintain inventories and support of the projects that only stayed on the same level of capacity for a period of time and with slow adaptation of the recent available memory in the market, usually for medical and military application. But, we are accustomed to have this contingency plan that made us more diverse than our competitors, that even on this date, we are still supporting some products that we released 10 years before.

Moving forward, we are committed to continue to offer to the world our best technology, excellent quality and customer care. It is our great pleasure to serve our clients to the best we can. I, together with RunCore family looking forward to taking more challenges and confident that our success will exponentially grow with the continued support from our customers and partners.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to our CEO/President Mr. Jack Wu, all the stakeholders and most especially to all of our employees, our best asset, that put their dedications and sacrifices for the company.


General Manager