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At RUNCORE SSD, we cater to the needs of clients by providing first-rate products that will enhance performance in the workplace and take their business further towards success. We are committed in contributing to the success of our clientele to drive them forward in achieving their mission.

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This 2.5″ Rugged SSD is using Amphenol R-SATA Connector which is compliant with Aerospace application, supporting 100,000 mating cycles.
Application: Military, Aerospace, Defense

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Rugged Body Camera

RunCore Rugged Body Camera is the latest customized rugged product specifically designed for military application. US designed product in compliance with MIL-STD-810G.

For inquiry, please send email to maricel.crizaldo@runcore.co

Rugged Tablet

RunCore Rugged Tablet offers Windows and Android platform. Best use for police, military and critical mission.

For inquiry, please send email to maricel.crizaldo@runcore.co


The smallest storage of Runcore product line. rSSD SATA3 supports up to 512GB capacity and it also supports in different miniDOM dimension.

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Customized Rugged Storage

Customized Rugged Storage of Half-Slim, mSATA and 2.5″ SATA-USB3 are some of the engineering capabilities of Runcore to support different customer requirements.

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Rugged Laptop

RunCore Rugged Laptop is windows-based operating system. Best use for military, harsh environment and critical mission application. Equipped with mounting fixture for any type of vehicles.

For inquiry, please send email to maricel.crizaldo@runcore.co

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From consumer to industrial products, Runcore offers a wide array of high-quality products that optimize performance in your workplace. We make it a point to serve only the best for our clients to use in their journey to success.

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Rugged SSD

Rugged SSD

REAL, RELIABLE, RUGGED SSD for Military and Aerospace When we define REAL, it’s 100% true and genuine. When we say...
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miniDOM rSSD

miniDOM rSSD

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